CLAWS found another four kittens whilst saving a sick kitten in Mellieħa

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Cat Lovers Adoptions, Welfare & Support group (CLAWS) said that whilst they were rescuing a sick kitten from Mellieħa, someone threw away another four kittens in a pail.

CLAWS published this news on their Facebook page. They said that they have been contacted with information on a number of kittens that needed their assistance in Mellieħa. The organisation said that amongst these kittens there was one which had an eye infection.

They added that whilst they were rescuing the sick kitten, someone discarded another four sick kittens.

CLAWS are making an appeal for someone to take charge of these foundlings as they need care before they start eating solid food. They also said that their search for the mother turned out to be futile.

Meanwhile, the kitten who needed originally needed their attention is now certified as blind.