Clarifying matters over fish farm discussions – Local Council

Agenda Slime St Paul's Bay Tuna Cages

Dear Editor

With reference to the news item with the title ‘Il- Kunsill ħalla il Fish Farm tikber’ the Council wishes to clarify due to the misleading content in the article that the Council Meeting No 64 part (II) of Friday 3rd August 2018 was a continuation ( Sixth Schedule Article 43 2(2) ) of the Council Meeting No 64 which was called on the 1st August 2018 therefore according to Sixth Schedule Article 43 (19) – Where a meeting is adjourned the subsequent proceedings shall be deemed to be part of the original meeting and no new notices or agendas need to be issued except a notification to members not present on the date of the continuation of the meeting

Furthermore both parties with particular interest in Item on Agenda 64.8 Tuna Cages were present for the Council Meeting No 64 part (II) and the Council gave ample time to both parties to give their presentations on the matter. The Council after hearing both presentations made its unanimous conclusions based on the arguments presented and developments/improvements of the recent months, hence moved on to give an opinion to no objection based on the fact that there are Tuna Cages already present and that the fish quota in the present cages remains the same and does not increase.

Mariella Strout
Executive Secretary
San Pawl il-Baħar Local Council