Ċirkewwa pigs in good health but lack microchip – Government

Ħnieżer saħħithom bla ċippa razzett
Ritratt: Facebook - Animal Liberation Malta

Following an onsite inspection in Cirkewwa where it was alleged that a number of pigs were kept in undesirable conditions, it was found that the pigs were in good health. The Veterinary Regulation Directorate (VRD) within the Environment Ministry carried out the inspection.

In a statement the Environment Ministry said that VRD officials from the Animal Health and Animal Welfare found 14 pot belly pigs of which 10 were adult females, 1 young boar and 3 female piglets which were in good health and did not show any sign of transmissible disease. However none of the pigs were micro-chipped.

The pigs were kept in a sheltered area consisting of three rooms and an uncovered outer area. The officials found no excess manure on site.