Church opens two hostels for Gozitan students in Malta

The Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech announced the opening of two hostels for Gozitan students in Malta.

The Bishop is communicating this initiative to Gozitans through a letter that is being read during mass celebrated this weekend. Bishop Mario Grech said that the Gozitan Diocese will be working in tandem with the Augustinian Brothers and the Sisters of St Joseph who will be providing two of their residencies in Malta to be used as accomodation. The hostel for young men will be located in Gwardamanġa while the one for young women will be in Gżira.

Those who wish to make use of this service are being asked to write to the Administrative Secretary of the Diocesan Office of the Curia, Rabat, Gozo. The letters will be evaluated by an ad hoc committee which while considering all applicants will give precedence to the more urgent cases. Since this is a project funded by the Diocese and the two Religious Orders, the Administration Office of the Curia, one must pay a basic fee.

Bishop Mario Grech explained that this would provide Gozitan students more opportunities to continue their tertiary studies in Malta. Accomodation and high fees to study in Malta are still a problem and this causes many students to abandon their dreams of future careers, said the Bishop.

The problems experienced by Gozitan students in Malta have been on the public agenda for a long time. In her response to Nationalist MP David Stellini’s call for a solution regarding the high accommodation fees for students, Minister for Gozo, Justyne Caruana said that the Ministry is looking into possibilities of a hostel for Gozitan students in Malta.

In 2017, Minister Justyne Caruana announced that plans for a new hostel for Gozitan students in Malta were being studied.

More details in the Bishop’s letter.