Fearne and Abela contest for PL leadership

Updated 09:21 PM

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne and MP Robert Abela have submitted their nominations for Leader of the Labour Party.

“Konrad Mizzi will not serve in my cabinet” – Abela

The candidate for Leader of the Labour Party Robert Abela said that if he appointed as Prime Minister, Konrad Mizzi would not serve in his Cabinet.

This was said during his first comments to the media after he submitted his nomination for the internal election of the Labour Party.

When asked by reporters, Abela said he is enthusiastic to have Joseph Muscat as a Member of Parliament.

On the current political situation in Malta, Robert Abela said it is wrong to say we have a dirty country, but at the same time, if he is appointed Prime Minister, he will leave no stone unturned until justice is served.

A few days ago, Abela posted on Facebook stating that he is “not interested in entering in any devilish pact”.

These are moments that require courage – Fearne

Earlier on, Deputy Leader Chris Fearne announced that he had submitted his nomination.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that this is a historic moment, one which is difficult and delicate both for the country as well as for the Labour Party.

He explained how “these are moments that require courage and determination of steel. It is a storm, which are certainly not wanted by anyone, but which we need to face fearlessly. I was never afraid of the storm, and I am not afraid of it now.”

“I am proud to Maltese, I am proud to be Labour,” concluded Fearne.

When speaking to journalists waiting outside PL’s Headquarters, Fearne stated that governance, transparency, and accountability are all things which need to be improved under the new Prime Minister.

He also added that ensuring that institutions are working efficiently and independently should certainly be on the agenda.

My unconditional loyalty – Ian Borg

On Facebook, Transport Minister Ian Borg stated that now that there is more than one candidate, he is looking forward to a strong and democratic process. 

He added that the new leader will have his unconditional loyalty.

Il-Partit Laburista huwa l-familja tieghi. Ghamilt kulma stajt sabiex b’irgulija nara l-GHAQDA, li bhalissa hija izjed…

Posted by Ian Borg on Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Last week, PL announced that nominations will be open today, and closed at 8pm this evening. The General Conference will be held on the of 11th January, 2020.