“Choose a President who is not coming from politics” – Delia

Partit Nazzjonalista

Partit Nazzjonalista party leader Adrian Delia said that the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has an opportunity to choose a President of the Republic which would signal reform by choosing someone outside of the political circle. Delia was interviewed on the party radio station NETFM where he was asked despite the Venice Commission finding that the Office of the Prime Minister had too much power, the Prime Minister took the report as an example of “best practice”.

Delia remarked that Muscat should prioritise the national interest and accept his invitation, that is to appoint a president who was not a politician. The party leader said that although Muscat did not “invent” the court or Malta’s legal system, through his appointments, the people exposed the various loopholes in the system. As an example he said one could have a “good” police commissioner who would work independently and carry out his work while on the other a police commissioner may decide to only protect the few. He also referred to the constitutional court case he opened as an Opposition Leader in order to obtain a copy of the Egrant inquiry report, and said that the bottom line in this case was how many hats could the Attorney General wear. He explained that the AG has a copy of the report however was acting a defence counsel to the government.

Speaking about the role of the President of the Republic, Delia asked whether it was time to give more powers to the role saying that at present it only served a ceremonial purpose.

Ivan Grech Mintoff threatened

Delia spoke of the threatened Alleanza Bidla leader Ivan Grech Mintoff. Delia said that Grech Mintoff had received death threats after he spoke out on Neville Gafa. Gafa was recently in Libya where it was reported he met Libyan officials and was apparently sent on behalf of the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Gafa has denied the claims, stating that the visit was in his own personal capacity. It was later alleged that Gafa was trying to convince witnesses in the medical visa scandal not to testify against him.

Delia invited the local authorities to provide the necessary protection to Ivan Grech Mintoff, arguing that some people believed that they were above the law. The Nationalist Party leader said the Prime Minister had either his hands tied or there were a few which Delia described as the “untouchables”.

Delia described the allegations as “very serious”. He observed that the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister made diametrically opposed decisions on Neville Gafa, with Muscat praising Gafa’s work while Fearne opted to sack him.

More information about Brexit needed – Delia

Delia stressed that the governments of the EU member states seem to have a common position on Brexit. However he asked whether the Government is giving out enough information on the matter. Delia noted that the Government has many a times said that it was preparing for Brexit, however Delia observed that not much information was coming forth on the matter. He then urged the government to prepare both people and businesses to a post-Brexit scenario.