Children’s safety is the responsibility of their parents – Miceli

The Commissioner for Children Pauline Miceli said that children are their parents responsibility and that they should keep a watchful eye on them when they are at the beach. Miceli was asked to comment about the recent case of alleged kidnapping of a child at Ghadira. The man was involved in the case was arrested. Miceli gave a general comment on protecting and taking care of children while at the beach.

Miceli reiterated that parents should watch over their children even when they were left to play freely on the beach. She argued that a child may drown in shallow water.

She also remarked on the fact that many people become immediately suspicious of foreigners especially people of colour. also asked Alfred Grixti the CEO for the Foundation of Social Services for a comment. Grixti said that given the case was a criminal one then it fell directly under the police’s remit. tried to get a comment from the Police however until the time of publication no reply was forthcoming. The Police were asked if the aggressor would be charged soon in court and on what charges.

About the case:

The case happened on June 29 and was made public after the mother posted on social media. In her post the mother had written an appeal to the public not to let their children wonder off alone especially on the beach on June 29.