‘Children’s Commissioner should defend lives of pre-born children’ – Doctors For Life

Pexels.com / Rene Asmussen

Pro-life advocacy group Doctors for Life, is calling on the Commissioner for Children to defend the lives of pre-born children.

The group makes the request based on reports in the media which they say show the Commissioner’s Office, ‘may be seen as wavering in its support of current Maltese Legal protection.’

While they support the Commissioner’s remit to implement ‘effective preventive and supportive measures,’ in schools as well as providing support to young mothers, they also reiterate the role’s responsibility to, ‘promote special care and protection, including adequate legal protection, for children both before and after birth,’ under CHAPTER 462 COMMISSIONER FOR CHILDREN ACT article 9(h).

For this reason, they want the Commissioner to carry out their role, ‘in defense of the preborn child.’

‘Since human life begins at fertilisation, then the preborn child is indeed deserving of the full protection of the law. This is clearly the case here in Malta. It is our intention to ensure that this continues to be so,’ the group states.