Children’s allowance payment on Saturday

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Children’s Allowance payments and supplementary allowance will be issued on Saturday the 14th of September. This was announced in announced by the Ministry for Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity.

39,964 families will be receiving their children’s allowance payment. This includes families that receive the allowance means-tested and those who get a fixed rate due to their income being higher than the limit. The total of these payments will amount to €8,790,268.

22,882 beneficiaries will be receiving their supplemantary allowance for a total of €2,108,550.87.

Due to the change in mechanisms the highest payable children’s allowance rate has been increased by €96 for every child. This rate applies to low income families as well as those earning the national minimum wage.

Families who earn more than the national minimum wage but have a net income of €18,400 or less will also receive an increase of direct and indirect benefits up to €88.