Childcare centres, private schools to get government assistance

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Education Ministry has announced that an agreement has been reached with the Independent Schools Association and the Childcare Centre Providers Association. In a statement on Saturday, the ministry said that a total of 2,200 jobs in the formal and informal private education sector will also be supported.

More than 900 individuals are employed full time while there are more than 180 part time staff working with private schools. The Ministry said that with this agreement all educators and other employees at private schools will have their jobs supported and they are no longer risking losing their job.

Under the agreement, educators working in private schools will receive an €800 wage subsidy as they continue to provide online learning. 

With regards to the school fees, the government made it clear that this was an agreement between a private individual and a private school hence the need to make any revisions to the fees, must be done through an agreement between the parties involved.

However it was announced that school fees will be reduced with a minimum of 35%. The government said that one is free to enter into discussions with the school to seek further revision of the school fee.

Similarly, all workers in private childcare centres which fall under the free childcare scheme, will not lose their jobs. 778 individuals are full time employees while 269 are part time employees.

The government urged the daycare centres to continue providing their services and activities online and to keep communicating with the parents.

MUT welcomes the agreement

The Malta Union of Teachers welcomed the news of the agreement reached between the Education Ministry and the Independent Schools Association. The union acknowledged the governments efforts to assist the educators working in the sector.

The union also praised the management of independent schools represented by the Independent Schools Association. The ISA represents San Anton School, St Michael School and St Michael Foundation, Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College, San Andrea School, St Catherine’s High School and St Edward’s College.

Sectorial commitment to retain jobs and guarantee income for carers – Chamber of SMEs

The Malta Chamber of SMEs and the Childcare Providers Association said that they have reached an agreement with the Education Ministry following weeks of negotiations. The Chamber of SMEs said that this agreement will safeguard the sustainability of the centres, putting at rest the worries of the owners as well as that of the carers working in the centres.

Just over 1,000 carers are employed with childcare centres.

The Chamber said that with this agreement no jobs will be lost and the industry will continue with its efforts of supporting parents and young children remotely.

“This agreement will also ensure that childcare centres will be ready to reopen immediately, as soon as the Superintendent of Public Health gives the go ahead. This, in order to continue supporting working parents returning to their jobs,” the statement reads.

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