Chetcuti’s raw footage leaked online

Enquête exclusive

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Raw footage of son of late businessman Hugo Chetcuti discussing his conversation with Minister Chris Cardona to take over a part of St George’s bay beach has been leaked to Russian video site Rutube.

The footage which was taken by a TV crew first appeared on a French TV programme, Enquête exclusive. In the programme’s segment, Luke Chetcuti is seen speaking to a hotel employee, and was caught saying that during a dinner with Minister for the Economy Chris Cardona, the Minister allegedly messaged Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi “We need to help the Chetcuti family, as they have always helped us [referring to Partit Laburista]”. This was originally dubbed in French. However, raw footage is now circulating online.

Chetcuti was caught telling one of his employees how he intends to take over part of a public beach for his hotel. In Maltese, Chetcuti continues saying that “He [referring to Mizzi] said that the beach is small but we’ll see what we can do”.

In a statement, the government had insisted that it is not true that political influence related to the concession of Saint George’s Bay, as the Tourism Minister does not give any concession.