Chetcuti Cauchi head denies, ‘allegations and insinuations’

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The Managing Partner of Chetcuti Cauchi has denied promising advantages to their clients and to asking politicians to support client’s applications.

This come from an official statement released by the head of the law firm Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates, in response to a French investigative programme which surreptitiously filmed a request to apply for citizenship for false clients, with the law firm.

The Managing Partner Dr Jean Philippe Chetcuti explains with certainty that, ‘It is a fact that no client of ours whose application for a Maltese passport was rejected has ever had this rejection overturned.’

Dr Chetcuti adds that ‘We have never accepted clients with a criminal record. In addition, none of our clients has ever had his or her citizenship revoked because of criminal convictions after citizenship was granted. In any case, IIP rules themselves automatically disqualify applicants with a criminal record or who are being prosecuted for a criminal offence.’

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The three statements from the law firm come in the wake of allegations made by the Enquete Exclusive programme broadcast on French network ‘M6’.

The secret footage showed a representative of the firm alleging that the firm had special relationships with key Ministers in the Labour government.

The government subsequently published a response saying that the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli and Justice Minister Owen Bonnici had no connection with the law firm or the representative in the programme.

‘We categorically deny all these allegations and insinuations. We always acted professionally, ethically and with utmost diligence, and we never broke the law. We are fully cooperating with the competent authorities, as is our obligation. We will continue to do so until the truth we already know is vindicated.’

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