Check your heart if you do not sleep well


Those who do not sleep well at night are at greater risk of having an irregular heart beat, thus increasing the chance of a heart attack.

Researchers from the University of California in the United States found that when someone does not sleep well on a regular basis, the stress on the body is increased and electrical changes occur in the heart.

Irregular heartbeat affects one in 40 people.

The study published in Heart Rhythm magazine, made an analysis of four studies of over 14 million participants and it turned out that those who do not sleep the whole night increase chances of heart beat irregularly by one third.

There is a solution …

Dr. Gregory Marcus, who led the study, explains that this problem can be avoided by doing exercise, avoiding caffeine, going to bed reasonable time regularly and avoid looking at screens before sleep.

All this helps the heart maintain a regular heartbeat and avoid the risk of a heart attack.