Change to electrical vehicles will be “out of this world” – Muscat / Mike Photos

Prime Minister and Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat described the change over to electric cars as “out of this world”, when he was replying to a question by a youth candidate. Muscat said that in his lifetime he could recall only one such drastic change in the country, and that was when the Euro was adopted as Malta’s currency.

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Muscat was participating in a discussion organised by the Party’s youth wing, Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti at is-Suq tal-Belt on Wednesday.

Speaking about the change over to electric cars, Muscat refrained from giving an indicative date, however he said that when such date is announced, the importation of cars using fossil fuels would stop and only electric cars would be on sale in Malta.

The Party leader further said that the Government was currently working with Enemalta so that those who would buy electric cars would be given preferential rates when they come to charge their vehicles.

Malta-Gozo Tunnel: The discussion begins on how best to carry out the project

In reply to another question, Muscat said that the current discussion on the permanent link between the two islands was not whether it will happen or otherwise, but how it is best to carry it out. Elaborating on his statement, Muscat said that the idea was floated around during a Nationalist-led administration around 2009 – 2010.

He observed that both the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party agree on having a permanent link between the two islands, saying that the Labour Party promised studies on the possibility on its 2013 election manifesto, followed by a promise of the project materializing when it was placed on the Party’s 2017 snap election manifesto.

Muscat said that both major parties promised the link in 2017 and was part of their manifesto. He also said that he understands the arguments made by both the ones in favour of the project and those against, recognising valid points on each side.

He said that the discussion has now moved forward and was not on whether the tunnel would happen or otherwise, accusing those who are against, that they were only against because they “know” that the “government delivers on its promises”. Further Muscat said, that the necessary studies took place during 2013-2017 when the government was heavily criticised for not delivering on its promise, he told the youth candidates present.