Change of venue for Curtain Raiser’s haunting show

Dr Thomas Charles Craig, Séance, by producers and directors of Dar Il-Waħx Haunted House, has had to overcome a scare of more human nature this Wednesday after the show’s venue at Saint Dominic’s Hall/Crypt in Valletta needed to be changed. 

Director Patrick Vella commented, “Not even the most talented psychic medium in the world could have seen this coming! The venue had been booked several weeks ago in good faith and it has been an immense undertaking to find another location that goes with our Halloween theme.”

After working through the night to find a suitable replacement, the producers decided to re-home the show in the Sergeant’s Mess (Old Prison) in Kordin, Paola.

Vella stated, “Thankfully, the new venue for the show is even spookier, more atmospheric and darker! So be prepared for another Haunted Halloween with Curtain Raiser’s Dr. Thomas Charles Craig, Séance.” 

The interactive show will take place on the 31st October, as well as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd November. More information and tickets can be found online.