Pension letters to be received in March will be different


Government has announced that as from this year pensioners will not be receiving 2 letters related to their pension benefit. The information in both letters, useful to pensioners, will now be sent in one letter. Pensioners should not be alarmed if they notice they haven’t received it yet as due to the changes announced they will receive it a month later, that is in March instead of February.

In a statement, the Ministry for the Family and the Department for Social Security announced that the change is in line and agreed with the Inland Revenue Department. Also, the amount of tax deducted from the pension benefit, where applicable, will be sent by the Inland Revenue Department. The department also said that all those who change their personal bank details are requested to contact the department so that they update their system accordingly in relation to pension deposits.

The Ministry for Family said that pensioners know that these two letters used to have all the information regarding the pension received in the last six months and stating when the pension benefit is to be received for the following six months whilst the other letter used to contain the information regarding the total amount of the pension benefit received and the amount of tax deducted, where applicable.