Relaxation of measures allows for the rekindling of the economy, says Chamber of Commerce

Miguela Xuereb

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry welcomed the further relaxation of measures allowing for the rekindling of the economy, as announced by the Prime Minister tonight.

During a press conference addressed by Prime Minister Robert Abela, Health Minister Chris Fearne and Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci, it was announced that as from Friday, a number of measures will be relaxed, notably that hairdressers, nail technicians and restaurants will reopen.

The Malta Chamber President earlier today called on Government to cautiously consider enabling a responsible return to normality. The announcements of this evening are seen as a step in this direction, which, the Chamber said, will hopefully inject confidence in our society.

The Chamber called on all economic operators as well as members of the public to exercise maximum discipline and strictly observe the protocols as put in place by the country’s Health Authorities.

SME Chamber also in favour of relaxation of measures

Earlier on, the SME Chamber welcomed the relaxation of measures as the Prime Minister had mentioned yesterday during an interview on ONE TV, before the official announcement had been made this evening.

SME Chamber President Paul Abela remarked that “whilst health concerns remain and these should always be kept well within everyone’s sight, Malta’s results on the health front have been consistently improving. The health authorities should be commended in this respect. The results our nation derived from their guidance and strategy speak for themselves. The health authorities should continue enjoying our full trust and cooperation.”

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