Central Link should focus on car reduction and public transport – AD

The Alternattiva Demokratika says that a better bus service will reduce cars on Maltese roads and deal with the current flaws in the Central Link Project.

In their statements responding to the building of the Central Link project, AD calls for the creation of a major bus transit system created in the short to medium-term which will provide more sustainable transport options to the public.

The AD says that there were 53.4 million passengers using public transport last year, an 11.25% increase on 2017. They state that this is clear evidence of the desire for better public transport and will work towards reducing the number of cars on the roads.

For now however, the Central Link seeks to reduce driving times and fuel consumption while ignoring assessments like the National Transport Master-Plan 2025, calling for the reduction of cars on the roads.

Equally, it also has the potential to move the current Valletta-Rabat public transport service away from the people who need it.

For this, AD calls Infrastructure Malta’s approach to the Central Link ‘flawed on so many levels’.

‘A road map for implementing the objective of reducing the number of cars from our roads is the only sensible way forward. It is the long-term view which is missing in our transport policy.’