Celebrating outstanding performance in Mathematics

Minister for Education Owen Bonnici joined the ceremony held to celebrate students’ outstanding performance in the High 5 Junior Mathematicians Challenge and the Mathematics Without Borders tournament challenge.

The High 5 Junior Mathematicians Challenge is an enrichment programme for gifted and talented students in mathematics organised by the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes within the Ministry for Education and Employment. During the award ceremony at MUŻA, the outstanding results of eight Maltese students who were amongst the top performing students in the final round of the seventh edition of the international Mathematics Without Borders tournament were also celebrated.

Bonnici explained: “The Mathematics Without Borders tournament challenges gifted students and provides them an adequate platform to showcase their exceptional abilities. This tournament encourages a competitive spirit amongst participants and a collaborative team approach. During this year’s Mathematics Without Borders edition 1,621 students from 19 different countries participated in the final round. 18 Maltese students qualified to the final round. The performance of all 18 Maltese participants was remarkable throughout this journey.”

Bonnici continued: “Furthermore, during this scholastic year, Year 10 students will again participate in a series of Mathematics Activities for Gifted and Talented. The activities focus on different aspects of mathematics that build on and go beyond the secondary school mathematics curriculum. From its inception time, this activity has generated much interest and enthusiasm amongst students and their teachers. Due to the current circumstances this year’s activities will be held online.”

Bonnici congratulated all the students who participated and thanked the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes for the dedication shown as this Government is committed to keep providing opportunities for gifted and talented students in Mathematics to nurture their talents.

The winners of the fifth edition of the High 5 Junior Mathematicians Challenge are Ben Debattista from San Andrea School and Kieran Cassar from St Aloysius College.

The first 10 places in this challenge:

1st Place – Ben Debattista (San Andrea Middle School)
1st Place – Kieran Cassar (St Aloysius Primary School)
2nd Place – Julia Abela Gauci (St Clare College, Pembroke Primary School)
3rd Place – Thomas Falzon (The Archbishop’s Seminary School)

4th to 10th position (listed in alphabetical order)

– Alexander Wijnen (St Ignatius College, Żebbuġ Primary School)
– Beppe Cassar (St Aloysius Primary School)
– Denzel Sciberras (San Ġorg Preca College, Paola Primary School)
– Kraig Borg (Maria Regina College, Mosta Primary School B)
– Luke Mercieca (St Nicholas College, Attard Primary School)
– Michael Bilocca (St Clare College, Pembroke Primary School)
– Roberto Filletti (The Archbishop’s Seminary School)

The 17 participating countries in Mathematics Without Borders, apart from Bulgaria (the hosting country) and Malta include: Afghanistan, Australia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,, Macedonia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

Shanel Cassar was awarded the title of Maths Star of the Tournament as she was the most successful participant for Malta. 

Final Round 
Category 3 (students born in 2010 / in Year 5) 
Silver Medal – Darren Zammit 

Category 5 (students born in 2008 / in Year 7) 
Silver Medal – Luke Caruana 
Silver Medal – Yung Lok Lam 

Category 6 (students born in 2007 / in Year 8) 
Bronze Medal – Daniel Pisani 
Silver Medal – Max Borg Milton 
Gold Medal – Shanel Cassar 

Category 7 (students born in 2006 / in Year 9) 
Bronze Medal – Andrea Vella 
Bronze Medal – Nathan Balzan 

The next edition of the High 5 Junior Mathematicians Challenge will be launched through a circular sent to all schools in January 2021.

Photos: MEDE