Catholic teachers in Zambia resolve to promote Catholic ethos in schools

The gathering of Catholic teachers in Zamibia

Over a hundred Zambian Catholic teachers in the Diocese of Mongu have formed an association with the view to promote a Catholic ethos in Church-run schools of the diocese.

According to Mongu Diocese Education Secretary, Fr. Wilfrid Hodari, Catholic teachers recently committed to the formation of the Catholic Teachers Association for the Diocese of Mongu (CATADOM). This was during a two days meeting held in the town of Mongu. Thassociation will help teachers in their faith formation and teachers would then do the same for their learners.

Day to celebrate Catholic teachers

The gathering also instituted an annual day to celebrate Catholic teachers in the diocese.

Bishop Evans Chinyemba, of Mongu Diocese officiated at the start of the meeting. Other facilitators at the meeting, included Mongu Diocese’s Fr. Hodari; Diocese of Livingstone Education Secretary, Fr. Kebby Luwaya; the Government’s Provincial Education officer, Dr Stephen Chishiko and other veteran educationists and Catholic Headteachers in the diocese.

The Church in Zambia owns a diverse range of schools and institutions of learning.

In all, seven out of the eleven districts that form the Diocese of Mongu, were represented at the gathering of teachers in Mongu.

The Diocese of Mongu is situated in the Western part of Zambia.

Zambia has government schools that solely belong to the state; grant-aided schools run by the Church, which neverheless receive subsidies from the government as well as autonomous private schools that usually belong to religious congregations or ordinary business houses.

The same set up applies to colleges and universities.