Catalan independence movement discussed at Model European Parliament

Model European Parliament

A number of youths participated in the Aġenzija Żgħazagħ’s Model European Parliament Malta conference recently. This conference simulates the work done within the European Parliament. The best four delegates, who have yet to be named, will be joining another Maltese particpant who has been selected from previous MEP sessions to act as a Maltese delegate in the upcoming international Model European Parliament session in Toledo and Madrid next November. contacted participants from the previous editions to ask questions about the MEP conferences.

Chiara Vassallo, participant of the 2017 MEP conference, chosen to be part of the Maltese delegation, told how she chose to discuss gender equality. She said that ten pressing issues related to Europe are presented for the youths to choose from, including immigration and sustainable international trade. The delegates then join up with those colleagues who would have chosen the same topic and, in a committee, the topic would be exhaustively discussed.

“The most valuable experience for me was the fact that you have fresh perspectives due to the fact that the countries that participate are not only those who form part of the European Union, but also those who are candidate countries, meaning countries who wish to be part of the EU”, said Vassallo.

Brittany Wells, participant of the 2018 MEP conference last February in Tallinn, chose to discuss the pressing issue of Catalan independence, in short, “whether Barcelona should be independent of Spain”, said Wells.

The Model European Parliament is a great opportunity for youths aged 16 to 19 to engage in structured dialogue with other youths their age and understand better the workings of the European Parliament especially in the run up to next year’s election.