Cat with paws cut off found in Żebbuġ

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Warning: the graphic images below may be upsetting

Earlier today, a woman was shocked to come across a black and white cat with bleeding paws in Tal-Ħlas Street in Żebbuġ, Malta. Upon closer inspection, she realised that the feline’s paws had actually been cut off.

The woman posted the photos in a popular animal group on Facebook, where she later said that the cat had been picked up and taken to the animal hospital.

In the meantime the Żebbuġ local council said that they had contacted Animal Welfare as soon as it saw the photo on social media and stated that it had discovered that the cat had apparently been injured by a combine harvester in a field close to where it was found.

Let’s hope for a happy ending for this unlucky feline.