Team in full conformity with EU Rules – Casa; PL reacts

Nationalist MEP and Head of Delegation David Casa reiterated that his employees are employed in full conformity with EU rules. The Head of Delegation was replying to reports that appeared on Labour’s news website and local newspaper MaltaToday which said that Casa had employed his uncle and brother-in-law as his assistants. Partit Laburista insisted that Casa was being “dishonest”.

Contrary to what was claimed, EU law stipulates that MEPs cannot employ partners, parents, siblings or their own children. David Casa does not employ any of such relatives.
This indicates that what was reported was incomplete or purposefully misleading through the use of a summary taken from the website rather than the actual law, despite Casa having provided the journalist with the relevant legislation.

Casa “I am not breaching any rules”

In a post on Facebook, Casa confirmed that both his uncle and brother in law are employed by his office. This information however was available on the EP’s website and was not in breach of any EU law, the MEP explained. He further explained that both are employed on part-time basis and paid a “pittance” for the work that they carry out. He lashed out at the attacks saying that they should take aim at him being the politician and not at his team.

Let’s set things straight:1. My team is in FULL conformity with EU rules. Art 43(d) of the MEP Statute is crystal…

Posted by David Casa on Sunday, August 19, 2018

Casa threatens journalists when he does not like the story – PL

The Labour Party accused Casa of threatening journalists and in apparent attempt to suggest that the MEP is hypocritical when he led the charge for anti-SLAPP legislation at EP. However, Casa only informed MaltaToday that he would be taking the necessary steps to safeguard his reputation should the journalist publish information he knew to be untrue.
In a statement Casa said that the article was not an “investigative” piece but an affront to journalism and a betrayal of all those who still believe MaltaToday is independent of the Labour Party.