Casa in favour of European Commissioner for press freedom 

European Union - David Casa at EMPL Committee

PN candidate for the European Elections David Casa said that he supports the idea of having a European Commissioner responsible for the freedom and protection of journalists, originally suggested by the organisation Reporters without Borders.

“The EU needs to increase its resources to help defend press freedom, and should be ambitious to address the threats which journalisrs face”, said Casa.

‘Muscat won’t debate Delia on Xarabank’ – PN

Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) stated that although the Leader of Partit Laburista Joseph Muscat wanted to create a scenario where the upcoming elections are between the Leaders of the Parties, Muscat did not want to participate in a live debate this evening during the television programme Xarabank.

During a statement, PN said that Delia was willing to debate. “Joseph Muscat does not want to debate on the manifesto of his friend Frans Timmermans and that of the European Socialists who want to impose abortion and want to restrict us from choosing ourselves how we handle our taxes”, stated PN.

According to PN, Muscat is depriving the electorate from an “important” debate days before the election. “This is how a Socialist Government creates a democratic process in our country”, said PN.

A vote for PL is a vote for Timmermans – Agius
PN candidate for the upcoming European Elections Peter Agius said every vote for every Labour candidate is a vote for Timmermans to become the President of the European Commission.

Agius said that it was made clear by Timmermans that he wants one communal tax system throughout Europe. “This is a direct threat to Maltese investments and employment” said Agius.

440 persons missing their vote – Puli
PN General Secretary Clyde Puli stated that there are 440 citizens who are missing atleast one vote. This was said during a news conference. “It looks like the electoral commission did not distribute the votes as should be to atleast 440 persons, and has failed to remedy the situation”, said Puli.

Puli said that 440 citizens that went to collect their votes at police stations were given one document instead of two. 100 people were given the European Elections document, while 300 received only those for Local Councils elections.

Director of Office Elcom Anġelito Sciberras said that there has been an increase of 34,000 people whose votes were not delivered. He said that this is not normal.