Casa asks for investigation into 17Black and the FIAU

Leader of the Nationalist Party delegation in the European Parliament David Casa has told MONEYVAL, the Council of Europe’s permanent money laundering monitoring body, to investigate the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) and the company 17Black.

In a press release, Casa detailed that MONEYVAL will be evaluating Malta’s compliance with money laundering laws and their enforcement. He asked MONVEYVAL to consider  the action taken following the FIAU being informed of the identity of 17 Black’s owner, as well as the level of deceit in questioning the authenticity of the Mizzi Report with the intention of providing the concerned politicians with a means to falsely challenge the accuracy of the resulting revelations.

David Casa had published a report made by the FIAU that asked for action to be taken against the Minister Mizzi. According to Casa, “A crucial element of the Mizzi Report is the role of 17 Black, a company that according to email correspondence between Nexia BT and Mossack Fonseca, was to funnel €150,000 every month each to both Konrad Mizzi and to Keith Schembri, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff.”

More details to follow.