Care home operators launch appeal for urgent vaccination


A number of representatives from nursing homes for the elderly who form part of the Care Home Operators business section within the Malta Chamber of Commerce have launched an appeal to the public health authorities for urgent COVID-19 vaccination within their homes for both their residents and healthcare workers.

“The vaccination process in care homes is taking longer than expected and this is putting our vulnerable even more at risk, especially with the high numbers of positive cases Malta is currently registering within the community,” a spokesperson representing the section said.

“We have been working round the clock in a bid to keep our homes virus-free for the past 10 months with the aim of protecting the well-being of our elderly, who first experienced a full lockdown, followed by a partial one and now confinement to their rooms. If we look at the number of deaths registered so far – mostly older persons – this alone is reason enough why the elderly should be given the vaccine sooner rather than later. Time is precious!”

This appeal comes on the heels of a vaccination campaign, entitled ‘Be Wise & Immunise!’, spearheaded by the same section within the Malta Chamber.

This content was supplied by CareMalta