Car wash in aid of YMCA Malta by MAPFRE

YMCA Malta strives to address the needs of communities through education, residential services, youth empowerment  and psychosocial support. As a voluntary organisation they depend heavily on fundraising, and like many other voluntary organisations, it was a tough year.

For this reason, YMCA Malta needs your help. 

MAPFRE is organising a car wash in aid of YMCA Malta at the Floriana Football Club on Saturday 5th December starting at 9.00 am and ending at 1.00 pm.

The funds generated through this fundraising event will go directly to finance the projects and programmes run by YMCA Malta. 

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions in place,  masks and social distance will be in place.

Services and programmes run by YMCA Malta

Dar Niki Cassar – offers shelter & emergency admission to homeless individuals and families, including children. When a person becomes homeless, they can file a report at one of the police stations and then the police will refer them to Dar Niki Cassar. Afterwards, the staff working at Dar Niki Cassar, together with the service-user will meet with a social worker from Appogg the following day in order to create a care plan and address the needs of the person/family.  

Y’ PAUSE – a support group for vulnerable people and ex-homeless service-users.  The members of this group meet once every fortnight for an educational activity and/or a social outing. If anyone wishes to join this group, they can contact YMCA Malta on 27674278.

Y Visible – Since we do not see homeless people sleeping rough in Malta, many believe that there are no homeless persons and families in Malta. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Much of the homelessness experienced in Malta is ‘hidden homelessness’, because these individuals live in shelters or move from one friend’s house to another.

Dar Niki Cassar works with individuals and families everyday who are affected by homelessness and all of the difficulties which come with it. Through a holistic care programme, we help them to move back to independent living. However, they we can only help as many people as we have beds.

For this reason, YMCA Malta has recently launched a new outreach project called Y’Visible. Through this outreach project, they hope to reach out to those people who are experiencing ‘rooflessness’ – that is living in the streets.

Their team trawl the streets of Malta on a weekly basis looking for people who are sleeping rough – roofless. Here they provide the persons who are experiencing rooflessness with hot drinks, food and warm blankets as well as providing them with the necessary information for assistance should they wish additional support.

Youth Empowerment Education Programme – any young students can contact us to either conduct their school placement with them or volunteer to meet up with other local volunteers. They have periodical workshops, educational activities and youth exchanges both locally and abroad. They can be contacted on 27674278

Counselling/Psychotherapy – counselling/psychotherapy on one-to-one sessions with young people. The service is given to vulnerable people in general for a donation of Eur5 per session. They can be contacted on on 27674278

Loneliness Response Line – Due to COVID-19, YMCA Malta noticed that more people were experiencing issues of loneliness and solitude. As a response, YMCA Malta launched the Loneliness Response Line so that those who are experiencing loneliness and solitude can find solace from our support team through regular phone calls to those persons who wish to have someone to talk to in these difficult times.

Moreover, in the eventuality where the person wishes additional support, they are provided with professional psychological support, callers will be referred to YMCA’s psycho-therapeutic services counselors and psychotherapists through Skype. Anyone in need of someone to talk to can either call or text their mobile or telephone number to 99928625. 

Food/ Clothes/Furniture Donation – those who need clothes or furniture (depending on the availability) can contact them or visit their Head Office in Valletta.  Clothes are in good condition. Both are given for free to the community. 

With such donations YMCA Malta helps vulnerable individuals & families in the community including immigrants and foreigners.