‘Can’t grieve until truth is served’ – Paul Caruana Galizia


‘We cannot begin to grieve until the truth has been served,’ Paul Caruana Galizia has said.

The son of the murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia says that it is not normal that his family should have to see legal means to find out the cause of his mother’s death.

‘No bereaved family should have to litigate in order to establish the truth surrounding their loved one’s death,’ he writes.

His address comes only a day after the family filed a judicial letter signalling their intention to litigate and four days after the Attorney General was informed by legal team led by Mr Tony Murphy of Bhatt Murphy in London.

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This decision is the latest effort by the family to legally request the Maltese government to carry out a public inquiry into Daphne’s murder.

Since December 2017, the family has outlined three detailed Legal Opinions explaining the motivation and legal obligations under Articles of European human rights.

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No action had been taken since, prompting this legal intensification.

Efforts have also been made at the European level urging the Maltese government to investigate the murder and the culture and background to Caruana Galizia’s reporting.