Calling all budding entrepreneurs

This content was supplied by European Startup Hub

The Startup Action is an event held on a yearly basis in Malta by the European Startup Hub, providing you with the full experience of a startup. This is the place to meet your co-founders and various mentors to help you get started with building a real company. 

The hub runs a 20-hour event allowing all budding entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and with different talents, to mould their ideas into the first building blocks of a startup. They provide mentors, talks and help, to get you started. This experience will allow the attendees to know their team better, build long lasting friendships and obtain the contacts they need. The action will option doors to not only mentors and co-founders, but also potential investors and sponsors. 

This April will be different! The hub is running an event for the younger attendees, during their Easter recess.

All formed teams will be provided with space on our website and social media to showcase their idea and obtain further contacts, even after the event. 

The event itinerary is comprised of two different days:

Day 1: Meet, team-up & work

Day 2: Present & connect

During the presentation phase, the pitches can potentially receive investment or mentorship offers. If you idea is not chosen, we strive to push the teams to continue pursuing their ideas, outside of the weekend.

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