Call for nominations for State Advocate published

A public call for the appointment of the second State Advocate was published in the Government Gazette on Tuesday.

The person who will be appointed as state advocate will be the second to serve in the newly created constitutional post. Dr Victoria Buttigieg, who was recently appointed Attorney General, served only in the role for a few months.

The role was created to separate the dual role of the Attorney General’s Office following the recommendations of a group of experts from the Council of Europe. The law separated the role of the public prosecutor and government’s legal counsel into two offices that of the attorney general and the state advocate.

Dr Buttigieg was appointed State Advocate in December
State Advocate Victoria Buttigieg to become Malta’s next AG

The bill setting up the Office of the State Advocate was approved last year before summer recess.

The selection process will be handled by an appointment commission but the final decision will rest solely with the prime minister.

The appointment commission will be chaired by Chief Justice Emeritus Joseph Azzopardi and retired judges Lawrence Quintano and Antonio Mizzi.

Applications for the post can be submitted until 22 September at 1.00pm.