Cabinet wanted the police to investigate Schembri – STOM

The Cabinet was presented with details of how frame-up was to be conducted

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Sunday Times of Malta reported that during last Thursday stormy Cabinet meeting several ministers urged the police to re-arrest Keith Schembri and investigate him as it was alleged that Schembri was ready to frame Chris Cardona for the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Keith Schembri is denying this allegation.

Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries were presented with a letter allegedly written by Schembri and passed on to Yorgen Fenech giving details of how this frame-up was to be conducted. was the first news portal to report on these contacts between Schembri and Fenech during which Fenech was told to mention Cardona in connection with the assassination but not mention Schembri. had also revealed that Schembri had told Fenech that if he does not mention his name to the police he would protect him. “Tikxifnix u ngħinek” were the words used by Schembri.

“Shock and disbelief”

The Sunday Times of Malta reported that Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries were shocked by the revelation.

A Minister that spoke to the Sunday Times of Malta on condition of anonymity that “it was chilling. I just couldn’t believe my eyes.” had reported that fourteen out of the 22 cabinet members present on Thursday in the urgent cabinet meeting called in the Office of the Prime Minister wanted Joseph Muscat to resign. We are reliably informed that over half the cabinet wanted its leader out in a meeting that lasted almost six hours. The meeting was also described as tense and at times agitated. reported that during the said cabinet meeting, Dr Deo Debattista was so overcome with the tension which was prevalent in the room, that he burst into tears.