Watch: What’s next for Bonnici and Cardona?

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19:00: Michael Farrugia says that Abela has two prerogatives – that of appointing the Ministers and that of calling an election

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Michael Falzon states that his meeting with Abela is not a question of positivity.

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Evarist Bartolo claims that he is glad that he can keep on giving a service to Malta

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Silvio Schembri said that Abela is expected to announce the final list in the next hours

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18:40: Times of Malta reveals that Owen Bonnici will not retain his post as Minister for Justice. According to the newspaper’s sources, Bonnici will be given another Ministry.

17:45: Justyne Caruana does not divulge details about her post

Justyne Caruana did not deny or confirm whether she will retain her post as Minister for Gozo when contacted by She only stated that any such questions should be directed to the Office of the Prime Minister.

“The only source of information should be the Office of the Prime Minsiter”, Caruana maintained.

Asked whether she denies that she will retain her role as the Minister for Gozo, Caruana claimed that “as per usual practice”, one should wait for communication from the Office of the Prime Minister.

17:20:  Cardona no longer Economy Minister; employees asked to empty offices

The Deputy PL Leader Chris Cardona will no longer retain his post as Economy Minister in the newly appointed Cabinet by new Prime Minister Robert Abela.

16:32 Owen Bonnici described his conversation with Abela as positive

16:15 Chris Cardona entering and exiting Castille

15:07: Clean up public administration from corruption – Repubblika

Rule of law NGO Repubblika urged Robert Abela to clean up public administration from corruption.

Repubblika sent Abela a letter along with a copy of its newly adopted manifesto.

“This manifesto summarizes what we are expecting from our Government and from public life in our country,” said Repubblika President Vicki Ann Cremona.

“Before assuming your role as Prime Minister, you promised that you would ensure continuity. If this continuity is to mean that you intend to pursue your predecessor’s corrupt policies, we find this unacceptable, just like the former Prime Minister’s conduct was unacceptable to us.”

You can read the documents here:

14:55: Chris Cardona spotted going into Castille once again

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14:53: reports that Ursula von der Leyen congratulated Robert Abela on his appointment

14:30: Chris Fearne to retain position – report

Chris Fearne will be retaining his position as Deputy PM and Health Minister, according to Times of Malta which is quoting unnamed sources. The sources confirmed that this agreement was reached between Fearne and Abela.

Fearne told reporters that he would speak later when asked about his decision.

14:00: Neville Gafa resigns from OPM

This morning Neville Gafa resigned from his position as a person of trust at the Office of the Prime Minister. Newly appointed Chief of Staff Clyde Caruana accepted Gafa’s resignation. Caruana told that he didn’t know why Gafa resigned.

Gafa was seen yesterday at the official ceremony of Prime Minister Robert Abela’s swearing in.

Gafa posted the word “continuity” on Facebook between Saturday and Sunday. The vote-counting process at the PL’s headquarters was underway when Gafa posted on social media.

11:49 The course of Chris Fearne’s political future is yet to be determined as newly elected PM Robert Abela is currently in talks with members of his parliamentary group colleagues in a bid to form a new cabinet.

Speaking to reporters outside his new office, Abela said that Cabinet positions will be announced “in due course”. According the the Times of Malta, Chris Fearne has agreed to accept a position in Prime Minister Robert Abela’s new cabinet. contacted a spokesperson for Fearne but is yet to receive a reply.

After meeting with Abela this morning, Fearne told journalists that his discussions with Abela are still underway and that he’ll have a reply later on. Asked for his comments following his defeat in the election against Abela, Fearne said that he respects the verdict of the majority.

TVM reports that Abela has already held talks with Fearne, Justyne Caruana, and Silvio Schembri.

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