Busy Bee’s new specialty coffee is a delight for the tastebuds

Busy Bee was busy indeed during the COVID-19 semi-lockdown. The popular Maltese caterers, established in 1933 by Censu Friggieri, were working on the launch of their very own blend of speciality coffee with the collaboration of #Lot0 from Milan.

The unique blend, called *Unordinary, is not simply a mass-produced blend and it is currently available exclusively from Busy Bee outlets.

Busy Bee Operations Manager Giuseppe Pisanelli said that #Lot0 is a multi award-winning roaster and that the company made sure to be involved in every part of the development process of the brand.

In the meantime, Mirko De Lorenzis, Head Barista and Product Development, explained that the final product had been developed through numerous tasting sessions and constant improvement. The delicate roasting process results in a rich and complex product in which the sweetness of ripe fruit, cocoa and dried fruit stands out.

The blend is created to meet the specific requests of Busy Bee and the coffee beans are expertly sourced and hand-picked from Brazil, Honduras and Peru. The company has also invested in new top-of-the-line coffee machines and trained their baristas to ensure the best execution.

More information about Busy Bee may be found on their website and Facebook Page.

This content was supplied by Busy Bee