Busuttil retreives DCG photo from rubbish bin

Facebook: OccupyJustice

Assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s photo was found in a rubbish bin in Valletta. PN MP Simon Busuttil said that he retrieved the photo and put it back on the War Memorial which has since doubled up as a memorial for the slain journalist.

In a Tweet, Busuttil said that an elderly lady informed him that the journalist’s photo was thrown away in a public rubbish bin. Busuttil said that the photo has been retrieved and placed back on the monument. Since her assassination, Caruana Galizia received a deluge of honours and accolades, averaging one every two weeks.

Activists from the group Occupy Justice placed the flowers and candles back up around the monument. On Facebook the activists complained that the monument commemorates an advent which took place 500 years ago, while an assassination which happened 11 months ago is being forgotten.