Business owners call for a Ministry for Good Governance

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce has called for the establishment of a Ministry for Good Governance. It said that this decision needs to be made by whoever is elected as Prime Minister of Malta between Chris Fearne and Robert Abela in the coming days.

According to the President of the Chamber, Architect David Xuereb, the Chamber has been proactive and worked on 65 recommendations for Malta. Speaking to, Xuereb explained that these recommendations will be presented to the winner of the Labour Party Leadership election.

The proposals tackle different aspects of society, including regulators and citizens.

One of these proposals is that of having a Minister directly overseeing good governance. According to Xuereb, with this kind of position the Maltese population will be given a boost in confidence. He went on to say that a clear signal will also be given to those foreigners that are outside, looking in on Malta, with a mind full of doubts on the country’s reputation. In this manner the country will show that “no stone is left unturned,” Xuereb explained.

Leadership candidate Chris Fearne has accepted to meet up with the Chamber if elected. The Chamber would transfer its recommendations during this meeting. The Chamber was ready to ask for the same meeting with leadership candidate Robert Abela, however he did not make an appearance to their event. asked Xuereb for his first reactions following Chris Fearne’s speech with regards to the subject. Xuereb said that members of the Chamber have told him that Fearne responded positively and that his contributions were appreciated. He added that it might be the case that not everyone agreed with what he had to say.

Filming & editing: Christoph Schwaiger