Building collapse: This happened for someone to line their pockets – Archbishop

Archbishop Charles J Scicluna interviewed on & 103 Malta's Heart
Archbishop Charles J Scicluna interviewed on & 103 Malta's Heart

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“This happened for someone to line their pockets,” Archbishop Charles Scicluna said on Newsbook Hour which is aired on 103fm on Saturday, in reference to the latest building collapse which claimed the life of Miriam Pace, 54, of Ħamrun.

Speaking during the radio programme, Archbishop Scicluna said that man created the “monster of construction which is steamrolling over us”.

During Newsbook Hour the construction industry was discussed on Saturday in the wake of recent events. On Monday, a building in Ħamrun collapsed due to excavation works on an adjacent site. The incident claimed the life of a woman who was inside her residence.

Archbishop Scicluna said that there was no need for a blame game. He explained that if one had to ask themselves what their role was in this incident they would understand for themselves that everyone is complicit in the sense that we are living in a society where no one really cares about what is happening around us.

He noted that in this particular case it was not a case of a family losing their home but a family lost also a member. He highlighted that the necessary changes and measures should be taken by the relevant authorities to ensure that each citizen is safeguarded.

Archbishop Scicluna underlined the importance of seeking justice. He explained that those who either through omission or commission had anything to do with the building collapse which claimed to the woman’s life should be brought to justice and ensure that justice is truly served.

He urged the public to think about their role, what one is doing for their own country and themselves in order to line their pockets.

“Should we replace Malta’s natural beauty with blocks of concrete and more money? Is it really worth to get richer at the expense of the younger generations that cannot make ends meet due to the high rents and expensive real estate?” Archbishop Scicluna asked.

Archbishop Scicluna maintained that it was not enough to say “never again” but one needs to play a pro-active role in stopping the “monster that we’ve created”.