Building collapse: Repubblika demands Minister Borg’s resignation

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Rule of law NGO Repubblika has demanded the resignation of Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg in a statement on Thursday.

Repubblika slammed the government saying that it is duty bound to protect life and should take the necessary measures to do so. Referring to the latest building collapse which claimed the life of Miriam Pace, 54, of Santa Venera, the NGO said that the government had failed in its duty to protect the victim’s life.

The latest building collapse follows a number of others which left families homeless. Last year, the government had imposed a moratorium on excavation and demolition works until a new set of regulations were drafted. Minister Ian Borg who was responsible at the time of the drafting of the new regulations, had claimed that these were aimed at providing peace of mind for those who live next to construction sites.

“Instead of providing peace of mind, the new regulations claimed Mrs Pace’s life,” Repubblika stated.

The NGO demanded that Minister Borg who was responsible at the time shoulders political responsibility for the loss of life.

“Ian Borg tasked Robert Musumeci with drafting the regulations. Musumeci – who is incompetent and whose only credential is that of being servile to Partit laburista and to the developers on whom he financially depends and who have a direct interest in the matter,” the statement reads.

Repubblika said that it cannot be that the government never assumes responsibility for its shortcomings even when such shortcomings have fatal consequences.

“We demand that Ian Borg is fired immediately.”

The government has acknowledged that the regulations drawn up when Borg was in charge were a failure saying that they need to be revamped. Repubblika noted that the government refused to stop works and refused to take the necessary measures to protect the lives who are living next to construction sites and which could be at risk.

The organisation also urged the public to join the protest which is being organised on Saturday by Moviment Graffitti. It should its public support for the proposals put forward by Moviment Graffitti and said that it hoped for a moratorium on excavation and demolition until new regulations are drafted.