Budget’s social measures coming into effect

Read how you will be affected

New social measures introduced in the 2020 Budget will be coming into play in the coming weeks. These include increases in pensions, allowances for those who rely on social welfare services, and increased allowances for widowed pensioners.

4th January:

  • An increase of €7 a week in state pensions (non-contributory age)
  • An increase in allowance for Carers and Assistants for persons with disabilities, including those with Added Severe Disability Assistance which will start receiving the net National Minimum Wage, or €161.40 per week.

11th January:

  • An increase of €7 a week for retired pensioners who are currently receiving the two-thirds pension, and for those who are service pensioners.
  • An increase in allowance for those who rely on social welfare services.
  • An additional increase for those who used to work in the public sector and retired between 2016 and 2018, and were 62 years or older at the time, with over 35 years of social security paid. This means that the allowance will be equal to that of the private sector.

18th January:

  • Widowed pensioners will also be receiving an increase of €7 a week.
  • An increase in allowance for those on medical assistance.

 25th January:

  • Persons on an invalidity pension or those receiving the minimum pension will also see their allowance increase by €7 a week.

In a statement, the Ministry for Family Affairs and Social Solidarity explained that the elderly who are at risk of poverty have already received their first allowance on the 14th of December, as mentioned in the 2020 Budget.

Other measures being implemented by the 2020 Budget include a €300 bonus for new parents, increases in the allowance for widowers with adolescent children, and even more increases in pensions. Measures for those with severe invalidity, anyone undergoing cancer treatment, and those suffering from fibromyalgia or ME, will also come into force.