Budget 2021: Migration and the fight against illegality

Sarah Cassar Dymond

The Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna said that the budget for 2021 has to take into account the burden Malta is carrying with respect to immigration since Malta is a border country.

The main priority, said Minster Scicluna, will remain the fight against criminals who place so many lives at risk. He said that diplomatic work will continue as well as collaboration with Libya with the aim of reducing the illegal traffic between the two countries.

The second priority, said the Minister, is the return of the migrants whose request for asylum has been denied. This return of failed asylum seekers is a challenge for all EU countries. Minister Scicluna said that to this end EASO and the Immigration Section of the Malta Police Force will work on the return of these migrants.

Minister Scicluna said that Malta will remain insisting on burden-sharing on an international level as well as more initiatives to relocate and resettle migrants.