Budget 2019: Mental health features in health proposals

The total health expenditure amounted to 9.75 per cent of Malta’s Gross Domestic Product in 2014.

What is being proposed?

The National Youth Council (KNŻ)

  1. Investing in community mental health centres
  2. Investing and upgrading the infrastructure of Mt Carmel Hospital
  3. Integrating mental health services to the public hospitals, without isolating patients
  4. Subsidised mental health first aid courses in schools, as well as the issuing of guidelines on mental health for primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions in Malta
  5. The introduction of a mobile health clinic which visits spots that are popular with youth and providing them with contraceptives, pregnancy tests, and which can take blood and urine samples to run tests

Church’s Justice and Peace Commission

  1. Increased physical activity in schools
  2. Introduction of measures to limit unhealthy food
  3. Increase in mental healthcare resources to provide quality services to both patients as well as their family members or carers