Brothel workers explain goings-on

Five women were asked to give witness to the court on the goings-on of the brothel they worked in.

Four of the witnesses are to be deported after having been found guilty of working in a brothel in a separate case.

The accused and another woman were ordered to witness in a case against the owner of the establishments in which they were working.

They explained how the accused, 30-year old Fayton Falzon from Pietà ran three massage parlours and how some of them also lived with him whilst others lived close to the establishments they worked in. Fayton Falzon also used to pick up and drive back home those workers who did not live near the establishments.

According to the witnesses the parlours operated from 9am till 10pm. The parlours were customary to receive between 5 to 12 clients a day. Each session lasted 30 minutes with clients paying €50 for the services rendered. The workers used to split the proceeds fifty-fifty with Fayton Falzon. They also used to pay the accused an additional €20 daily for their meals, massage oils, contraceptives, and other needs.

Very few patrons only came for massages. Most of the clients visited for sexual favours, and everyone knew from before that the parlours were not just for massages. The women communicated with their clients in English.

Some of the witnesses said that even though they have certificates proving their massaging qualifications they were never asked for them in Malta.

Fayton Falzon, is being accused of living over profits made from sexual exploitation, and of running a number of brothels.

He has been granted bail against a deposit of €800 and a personal guarantee of €10,000. The establishments are to remain closed for the duration of the case.