British MPs vote for “alternative arrangements”; EU27 disagree

Theresa May has the support of the House of Commons to re-open Brexit negotiations, but the EU27 insist that the hotly debated backstop is part of the withdrawal agreement which is not up for further negotiation.

In a statement, Theresa May asked for support earlier today in Parliament by pointing out that simply being against a no-deal Brexit is no way to actually stop it. That being said, the MPs also made it clear that they don’t want a situation with a backstop further complicating the Irish border, and they don’t want a no-deal Brexit either.

MPs finally voted for “alternative arrangements” with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn agreeing to meet the repeatedly defeated Prime Minister to discuss a better way forward and potential alternative Brexit deals.

The EU, however, has other ideas. A spokesman for the Office of Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, said that, “The withdrawal agreement is and remains the best and only way to ensure an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.” The statement also explained that “the backstop is part of the withdrawal agreement, and the withdrawal agreement is not open for re-negotiation.”