British MP quits parliament, steps down as Labour’s deputy leader

British Labour MP Tom Watson is quitting parliament and stepping down as Labour’s deputy leader.

Watson has represented the constituency of West Bromwich East since 2001.

The Labour Party released his letter to Corbyn, in which the MP wrote that his decision to step down was “personal, not political”.

On Twitter, the MP wrote that he is a committed Labour, and will spend the upcoming election ‘fighting for brilliant Labour candidates’ and a better future for the United Kingdom.

“Our many shared interests are less well known than our political differences, but I will continue to devote myself to the things we often talk about: gambling reform, music and arts, stopping press intrusion, obesity and public health and of course horticulture and cycling,” he wrote.

The Deputy Leader has had his clashes with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, including Corbyn’s Brexit stance.

Watson is one of the most prominent of a string of centrists Labour MPs to leave Labour or quit parliament altogether, since Corbyn’s election as party leader in 2016.