Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi on 103 Malta’s Heart

This Saturday on 103 Malta’s Heart at 11:30am

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

This Saturday on 103 Malta’s Heart at 11:30am Prof. Andrew Azzopardi will interview Commander Jeffrey Curmi.

During the programme Andrew Azzopardi on 103, the head of Malta’s army will be asked about the contribution the army gives to the country. A number of controversial issues related to the Army will be raised during this hard talk type of interview.


People who lost loved ones speak up

The programme Andrew Azzopardi on 103 starts at 10:00am with a discussion on death.

Is death still a taboo subject? Should we be speaking about death? What happens to us after we die? In a world that is going at breakneck speed are we forgetting that this is a process that we need to prepare for?

A father who lost his son and a man who lost his brother will share their experiences.
Participating in the discussion, among others, there are Fr Patrick Magro SJ, University Chaplain, social worker Bernardette Briffa, University lecturer Dr Dione Mifsud, and psychologist Gail Debono.



At 11:00am Prof. Azzopardi will discuss with Prof. Pierre Mallia and consultant gynecologist Dr Ivan Galea the recent controversy about ectopic pregnancy.

This Saturday on 103 Malta’s Heart during Andrew Azzopardi on 103 between 10:00am and noon.