Brexit: ‘No need for draconian measures’ – PM

DOI - Omar Camilleri

The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the Government will help Maltese citizens avoid Brexit repercussions, and that there are no ‘draconian measures’ planned for any English in Malta either.

In a declaration at the beginning of a Cabinet meeting with the people regarding infrastructure, Muscat said that Malta is following developments in the United Kingdom after the Parliamentary vote on Brexit was postponed.

He said that Malta cannot interfere in sovereign decisions taken by the English, yet the Cabinet will discuss it. The Government will also be in contact with the European Council and the European Commission to make sure that preparations are well under way, whether or not the Brexit deal is accepted.

Muscat said that he wants to put the Maltese living in the UK’s minds at ease because, with or without the deal, Malta will be following their situation so that they do not face any repercussions. Similarly, there is no need for any “draconian measures” for the British living in Malta.