Brexit – MPs reject programme motion after approving Withdrawal Agreement

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks ahead of a vote on his renegotiated Brexit deal, on what has been dubbed "Super Saturday", in the House of Commons in London, Britain October 19, 2019. ©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor/Handout via REUTERS

MPs in the House of Commons have rejected the rigid timetable, detailed in the programme motion, by 322 to 308; a majority of 14 after earlier having voted to allow the government’s withdrawal agreement bill to pass to the next stage of the parliamentary process by 329 votes to 299 votes.

In his own point of order, PM Boris Johnson welcomed the fact MPs have – for the first time – voted in favour of a Brexit deal. He said the EU must now must make up their own minds as to how to respond to his request for a three-month Brexit delay, which was forced on him by MPs.

The PM said the government will “pause” the Withdrawal Agreement Bill till there’s feedback from the EU on the extension request.

The Prime Minister said that the Government will however “accelerate” its plans for a no-deal exit, adding that the government’s policy remains that we should not delay, that we should leave the EU on October 31.

“One way or another we will leave the EU with this deal to which this House has just given it’s assent.”

The European Commission took note of Tuesday’s result and expects the U.K. government to inform it about the next steps. Meanwhile President Tusk is consulting leaders on the UK’s request for an extension until 31 January 2020.