Brexit: May officially asks for another extension

Theresa May has officially requested another Brexit extension until the 30th of June with a letter to the European Council President Donald Tusk. The EU27 leaders will convene in Brussels on Wednesday the 10th of April and to produce a response.

In the letter, Prime Minister May said that the United Kingdom will participate in the upcoming European parliament elections because there is a legal obligation and not because it is in the interest of either the European Union or Great Britain.

Still no consensus

Mrs May also told the President of the European Council that she intends to hold a third vote on the twice-rejected Brexit deal but will need more time to do so. She also explains that the Government is vying towards leaving the European Union however the House of Commons has not thus far approved of the deal put on the table or found a majority in favour of other terms.

As it stands Theresa May has to find an alternative way of presenting her Brexit proposal to vote as the speaker of the House John Bercow has cited a rule from 1604 that disallows parliament from voting on the same matter more than once in the same sitting, and added that a third vote on the matter would fall afoul of this rule which was last invoked in 1920 and he would therefore block it.

Reactions on social media

Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis British Labour Party MP who also served as Minister under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown called the letter “disgraceful”.

Widely popular ex-popstar, turned acclaimed academic Professor Brian Cox, called the whole situation “exasperating”.

Adam Bienkov, UK Political editor at Business Insider called the whole situation of the UK voting in the EP elections “ludicrous”.

Nigel Farage, the leader of The Brexit Party is ready to lead his party into another EP election as “the fightback to save Brexit has begun”.