“Brexit is finalised; it is not open for renegotiation” – PM

Brexit agreements are now finalised and cannot be reopened. This was what was agreed upon during the EU Summit in Brussel, although Europe is willing to help the British government and populace in terms of clarifications which need to be made.

This was said by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat while speaking to journalists at the Summit, where he explained that nothing new is being said as regards to the Brexit deal, but there is the will to clarify and outline the political intentions of the European Union. He also brought up Malta’s plan is in place in case of no deal, as discussed in Parliament, which ensures that all departments are ready to deal with the repercussions.

Thanks to funds allocated in the 2018 Budget, the Government of Malta will be aiding companies whose sole market is British. Although the Government has nothing to do with the private sector, it stresses that necessary steps should be taken in case of no deal.