Brexit: ‘If MPs can’t agree, the people have to decide’ – Green

Nigel Green

If UK MPs cannot agree on how the country leaves the EU, the people will need to decide, founder and CEO of the deVere Group Nigel Green has said.

Green explains that, ‘If MPs are serious about protecting jobs and securing long-term, sustainable economic growth, they must now support a second Brexit referendum.’

His comments come as the UK had recently been granted an extension of Article 50 which allows them more time to negotiate among the political parties over how to obtain a majority of support which will see the UK finally leave the EU.

The October 31st extension deadline is the second attempt to allow the UK time to support the Prime  Minister’s Brexit deal.  The deal has so far been defeated three times in the UK Parliament.

Green says that this ‘Halloween Brexit Day’ means that the UK has ample time to now, ‘time to take affirmative action,’ because the uncertainty continues to impact business and trade in the UK, EU and internationally.

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‘This uncertainty has created a monumental lack of confidence, resulting in falling investment, spending and recruiting across Britain … In addition, the UK is currently the world’s fifth largest economy and the impact of the Brexit deadlock, which is creating a negative economic environment, will have far-reaching implications beyond the UK’s borders.’

Commenting on the actions of the political parties in the UK, Green says that , ‘Political egos must be put aside.  Time must stop being wasted on grandstanding. Momentum must be built and decisions made … Both the Conservatives and Labour are making vaguely positive remarks about their talks to find a deal that could secure a parliamentary majority.  But it remains hugely doubtful as to whether they will ultimately find a way forward that both parties could defend.’

But, if the deadlock of Brexit cannot be lifted politically, it’s time to give the people the chance to decide once more.