Update (7): Theresa May wins confidence vote with 200 votes

Theresa May

UK Prime Minister has won the confidence vote by 200 votes to 117 against her.

Chairman of the 1992 Committee Sir Graham Brady announced the result of the Confidence Vote, telling members of the media that the party ‘Does have confidence in the Prime Minister Theresa May’

The win is a 63.1% win for the Prime Minister, slightly worse than John Major’s result in 1995 and Margaret Thatcher’s result of 54.8% in 1990.

Polls closed; result imminent

The polls for the confidence vote by Conservative MPs in the Prime Minister will open at 7PM Malta time.

Theresa May won’t stand at next election

According to sources informing the UK media, Theresa May told MPs she will not stand in the next election.

She said that the important factor is the job at hand, delivering the Brexit.

‘We get that done first what might happen longer term that comes next’, she is reported to have said.

172 projected Tory MPs to back Theresa May

Theresa May is addressing Parliament on the eve of the Confidence Vote on her leadership.

According to Sky News, she currently has 172 Conservative MPs projected to support her leadership tonight. That’s more than the 159 she needs to keep her in the job.

Results will be coming out around 10PM Malta time.

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158 Conservative MPs said to be backing the Prime Minister

According to Sky News, 158 MPs are claiming that they will be supporting the PM in the No-Confidence vote taking place tonight.

MPs Sajid Javid, Matt Hancock Amber Rudd and Penny Mordaunt among them…

Brexit Chaos: May to face no confidence vote

At least 48 letters calling for a vote of no confidence in the British Prime Minister Theresa May from Conservative MPs were received by Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the 1922 Committee. The ballot will be held on Wednesday evening between 6pm and 8pm.

May’s colleagues indicated that they no longer had faith in the prime minister to deliver the deal on Brexit. The Prime Minister will need the backing of 158 Tory MPs. If the votes against her were below the threshold to unseat the prime minister, she may decide to resign if the number is significant. More than 20 other Tory backbenchers have publicly confirmed submitting their letters to Brady calling for May to step down over her Brexit Proposal.

For the no confidence vote to be triggered, 15% of Conservative MPs need to write to the chair of the committee of the Tory backbenchers.

UK PM facing Brexit questions as No-Confidence vote looms

Prime Minister Theresa May is facing tough questions during the Prime Ministers Questions at the House of Commons, following the announcement that a No-Confidence Vote could now go ahead.

The Prime Minister has initially batted off the first questions from Labour MP Kerry McCarthy asking if she is ruling out a general election and second referendum.

May said that that an election was not in the national interest and that the 2016 referendum will still be honoured.

The Labour leader has responded to questions from the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on what changes May has made to the Brexit deal.

The PM has said again, that she has listened to the concerns of MPs across the House, regarding the Irish backstop, but also said that she felt that whatever she would bring back from Brussels would be inevitably voted down by the Labour leader.

‘All he wants to do is cause chaos in our economy, division in our society and damage to our economy.’, she said.

She has also said that ‘there are further discussions to be held’ during the European Council Summit at happening tomorrow and Friday.

The two leaders have locked horns over the questons of seeking a deal and coping with a No-Deal. May has said that in order to prevent a No-deal, there has to be a deal.

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